Welcome to the home of
Application Acceleration

& Associated Performance Management Systems


Accelerating aerial application.

Welcome to the home of
Application Acceleration & Associated Performance Management Systems


Billions of dollars in beneficiary value generated through successful aerial application deployments


Aircraft Sold in Africa


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of lives changed for the better

Aerial Application, Enabling Nations, Communities & Individuals to prosper

The Company and Subsidiaries

The Idea Behind the Group of Companies

We’re dedicated to simplifying the integration of aerial application technology for our customers & stakeholders through our unparalleled network of companies, products, and services, including our ground-breaking digital aerial application performance management system. Our commitment is to provide immense value, encourage growth, and nurture strong human relationships for a better world. Together, we’re propelling aerial application forward globally.

Definition of Aerial Application

Agricultural Aviation

For the precise application of farm inputs to enhance agricultural productivity.

Aerial Geophysics

For geophysical data collection.

Aerial Firefighting

Using aircraft to combat wildfires with fire-suppressants in coordination with ground efforts.

Aerial Vector Control

Targeting pests.

Aerial Fuel Hauling

For secure transportation of fuel, specifically in remote or critical areas.

Aerial Defence

Utilising aircraft for reconnaissance and support missions.

Aerial Surveillance

For monitoring and analysis critical for security, environmental & wildlife sectors.

Aerial Oil Spill Clean-Ups

To mitigate marine pollution.
These categories collectively represent the range of Aerial Application sectors served by the Ag Aviation Group Ltd, through various companies, products or services each tailored to its specific context within the industry.

The Services the Group Provides


Supporting our global competitive advantage
Unrivalled sales & support:
In-depth product knowledge, dedicated post-sale support, and specialised services in aircraft imports, exports, and navigating aviation regulatory landscapes.
Parts distribution:
Expert support, rapid Africa deliveries, genuine air tractor® parts, with strategic locations.
World-class pilot & engineering placement & training:
Global flight safety® & SACAA approved, FNPT ii simulator programs, & expert-led pilot & PT-6 turbine & air tractor® airframe engineering courses.
Dependable maintenance across Africa:
Africa-wide reliable Air tractor® & Pratt & Whitney turbine maintenance, Africa-wide coverage, certified technicians, & prompt service—all under one roof.
Financial, insurance, & leasing solutions:
Custom financing, personalised insurance, flexible leasing, & expert financial guidance for your air tractor purchase.
Cutting-edge technology integration:
Seamless hardware & software integration, precision ag tools, digital aerial application management & expert support for optimised operations.
Largest aerial applicator network and conference on the continent:
Africa’s premier air tractor® network, a hub for industry thought leadership, exceptional networking, and access to cutting-edge trends and tech.
Multiparty project management:
Comprehensive multi-country air tractor project management, cross-border support, collaboration facilitation, & specialised regulatoryexpertise.
Market opportunity insight per country:
Digital database, linking available aircraft resources with opportunities, facilitating strategic partnerships and guidance on local market conditions.
Visionary leadership team:
Forward-thinking leadership, proven industry success, commitment to innovation, and an empowering culture training up new leaders—all in one organisation.
Aerial application performance management solutions:
Aircraft inspections & operational safety audits, with risk assessment, incident response plans, and regulatory compliance through our AG4 aerial application performance management system.
Successful government tenders:
Proven success in multiple government tenders, a trusted partner for governments and regional bodies, and a team committed to delivering value.


Legislative Level

Governments, Federal
Aviation Administration,
Civil Aviations.

OEM Level

Air Tractor®, etc..

Distributor Level


Service Provider Level

Insurance Companies,
Banks, ATO’s, AMO’s,
Chemical Companies.

Operator Level

Government, Military,
Farmer , Spraying , Fire
Fighting , Vector ,
Geophysics, Fuel
Delivery, Oil &
Gas, Surveillance

Producer Level

Commercial Farmer.

Sub Agents


Employee Level

All Employees of the

Shareholder Level

All Investors in the Group and Owners of the Group.

Consumer Level

The Public.

Shared Services at HQ Level

Shared Services’ centralised model allows various organisational divisions or subsidiaries to benefit from improved consistency, quality, and efficiency in service delivery.
  • Board Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Customer Service
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Legal and Compliance Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Project Management

The Group Commitment to Operations

  • Ensuring that every member of our organisation is aligned with and deeply understands our central idea, strategic roadmap & implementation plan.
  • Translating our overarching vision into tangible, realistic actions, setting clear goals and milestones for every department & company.
  • Implementing a rigorous follow-through process that allows us to monitor results, adapt strategies, and maintain momentum.
  • Fostering a culture of open, honest communication to address challenges and harness opportunities effectively.
  • Building a culture of accountability, where execution is rewarded, aligning personal achievements with company success.
  • Resource our companies with the necessary talent required to execute.
  • Support and nurture existing operations.


Our Human Centric Value Creation Legacy

At the heart of our value creation ecosystem lies a fundamental recognition: behind every stakeholder level are human beings with unique needs, aspirations, and contributions. At the legislative level, we engage with governments and aviation authorities, acknowledging the people dedicated to public safety and regulatory excellence in various departments and countries throughout the world. Our partnerships with OEMs like Air Tractor® and distributors are built on mutual respect and a shared vision for progress, recognising the various individuals driving these industries forward. For service providers, from Insurance Companies, Banks, Approved Training Organisation’s, Approved Maintenance Organisation’s, Pilots & Engineers, Chemical Companies & Agronomy Service Providers., we foster relationships grounded in trust and collaborative success, valuing the human expertise behind every service.

At the operator level, we recognise the diverse and vital roles played by our operators at every level. This includes Government & Farmer Operators who are the backbone of our agricultural sector. Spraying Operators, essential in pest control and increasing crop health on commercial farming projects, and Fire Fighting Operators, crucial in emergency response and public safety, also form a significant part of our network. Our commitment extends to Vector Operators, who play a key role in disease control, Geophysics Operators, essential in resource exploration, and Fuel Delivery Operators, pivotal in the energy supply chain. We also acknowledge Oil & Gas Operators and Surveillance Operators, who are integral in cleaning up oil spill disasters, protecting energy infrastructure and ensuring public, private & wildlife security. For all our operators, our efforts are geared towards acknowledging their hard work and providing solutions that make their lives more productive and sustainable. We see the public not just as consumers, but as a community we are a part of and committed to serving responsibly.

Our sub-agents, are the embodiment of our local and global outreach, representing our values and connecting us more closely with our stakeholders. Every employee in our multinational corporation is recognised as a vital contributor to our collective success, valued not just for their work but for their individuality and well-being. Finally, our shareholders and investors are seen as partners in a shared journey towards sustainable growth and prosperity, respecting their trust and commitment to our shared vision of Accelerating the Adoption of Aerial Application through Value Creation Activities at all Stakeholder Levels together helping nations, communities and individuals to prosper.

In every interaction and decision, we strive to remember and respect the human element, acknowledging that it is people who drive innovation, foster relationships, and ultimately determine the success of the company and the accelerated positive impact of the vision on other people.

The Future of Aerial Application Acceleration & Performance Management

Every person has a choice. We can decide to look from a distance, or we can choose to soar to new heights. Let’s take this giant leap together.”- Neil Armstrong (adapted)
Join Ag Aviation Group Ltd on a journey of accelerating the adoption of aerial application and creating a future of innovative, efficient, and safer aerial operations, helping Nations, Communities and individuals to prosper.